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... the first PALAZZO was staged in Freiburg’s Colombi Park in 1998 and was originally conceived as a variety show for the reception tent of the International Christmas Circus Festival?.

There are now five locations – four German and one Austrian – in the PALAZZO family. The name is a reference to the Italian Palazzi, the noble Venetian mansions and encompasses all varieties of vaudeville, acrobatics, juggling, contortion, comedy, animation, song, dance and music.

PALAZZO’s artistes, almost all of whom are medal winners and have won prizes at international festivals, come from all over the world – Ukraine, Italy, USA, Spain, Canada and Russia, for example.

Some 8,400 hours of labour were invested before the opening night, with 50 containers set up on a 4,000 m2 area to provide space for offices, make-up, wardrobe, a fully functional kitchen, cold storage, toilets and storerooms. 14 further lorry loads then delivered the Spiegelpalast structure and its interior.

24 construction workers erected the 8 m high and 30 m deep PALAZZO Spiegelpalast, laying 6,000 m of electric cable, hanging 140 chandeliers and 1,200 mirrors and setting out around 370 chairs.

Throughout the season, some 80 staff ensure that everything runs smoothly on and around the PALAZZO stage and behind the scenes. Each season, 210 tons of crockery and cutlery are required, 15,000 cups of coffee and 20,000 bottles of mineral water are served. 65 selected wines and over 15 different spirits are also on offer at all times, cooled with 2 tons of ice..

Every evening, the gourmet brigade in the mobile kitchen work their magic in just 80 square metres. Individual dishes are served within ten minutes, which means, for example, that a starter course leaves the kitchen every 1.7 seconds and service staff cover a distance of 10 km per session.

Over 1,500 glasses, 2,000 plates, 4,000 pieces of cutlery and 40kg of napkins are required for each location. Laid out in a line, the cutlery would extend for 64 km and the table linen would measure 45 km.

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