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Ab November 2015 wieder in Nürnberg: Palazzo

Frequently asked questions and answers

Reservations / ticket booking

When will the next show take place?

The season 2018/19 starts on November 10, 2018 and ends on March 06, 2019.





How can I book tickets / coupons?

Tickets and coupons can be booked online or by phone on our ticket hotline under +49 (0)1806 388 883                           [MON-FRI 8.00 a.m. – 6 p.m.].

Book your tickets

Can I book fixed seats?

You book the place category (ring, circle or boxes), where you would like to sit. It is not possible to book a specific seat or table. Placement is decided by our guest relation management.

What are the differences between the categories?

The seats are divided into three categories: The ring has tables for 6, 8, and 10 people in the inner round of the Spiegeltent. The tables are located directly around the middle stage, from where you can experience the artists up close. The circle area with rectangular tables for 6 and 8 people surrounds the ring, and the cozy boxes in the outer tour offer space for 6-7 people each. In the back of the tent, there are seats in the circle and box, which due to their location only allow a limited view of performances taking place on the orchestra stage. However, the majority of the acts are presented on the middle stage, which is visible from all seats.

Can I get tickets for PALAZZO for the show on that day?

Basically yes, as long as seats are still available. You can get information about vacancies until 1:00 pm on the same day under +49 (0)1806 388 883 [MON-FRI 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.].

How long are the coupons valid

The coupons have a regularized validity of 3 years from the day of booking. We advise you to redeem your coupon no later than 20 days before the last show day so that you can still choose from different dates and if possible still get seats at your desired date. Towards the end of the season, many show days are quickly sold out.

Can I return purchased tickets?

No, bookings are generally excluded from cancellation and exchange. A rebooking to another show day is possible depending on the goodwill of the staff. A transfer fee of EUR 6.00 per person applies.

Evening in the Spiegeltent / seating

When does the show start?

The show starts Tuesdays through Saturdays on 7.30 p.m., on Sundays on 6 p.m. The foyer and the bar are open 60 minutes prior to show begin.

When do I have to be there?

The foyer and the bar are already open for you 60 minutes before the show starts. We recommend you arrive at the latest 30 minutes before the start of the show so that you have enough time to place your wardrobe and order drinks.

How do I get to the Spiegeltent?

A description of the journey by car or public transport can be found here.


Can I park at the location?

Information on parking will be published shortly.

How long is the show?

The program lasts about 3.5 hours.

Do I get a better seat, if I arrive earlier?

The placement within the booked category is determined by the guest relation management before the event.

How do I find my table?

At the entrance, you will receive a card on which your table number is recorded. Our service staff will then take you to your table.

How many people will fit on one table?

In the Spiegeltent there are tables for 6, 8 and 10 people available depending on the booked category. The seating arrangement is organized on the day of the event and is based on the composition of the individual bookings.

Can I get a guarantee that we will all be seated on one table?

The table division is arranged by the guest relation management, so no fixed table assignments can be given in advance. However, groups are always placed together - depending on the group size, possibly on adjacent tables or together with other guests at a table.

Can I also attend PALAZZO on a wheelchair?

Of course! The places for wheelchair users are in the category circle. When ordering, please state that a wheelchair user's place is required. The Spiegeltent also has barrier-free toilets.

Where is the PALAZZO stage located?

In the middle of the Spiegeltent, visible from all places, there is a lift, on which most of the performances take place. In addition, there is an orchestral stage on which the orchestra plays and other show acts are presented.

Is there a dress code?

No. We recommend evening attire as appropriate to the theatre. Most important of all, you should feel comfortable.

Do I have to dress warm?

No. The Spiegeltent is adequately heated.

Can I take pictures in the Spiegeltent?

Yes, but only for private use. During the show, photographing is permitted only without flash, since the flash light can disturb the artists in their concentration.

Is the PALAZZO show also recommended for children?

There is no age restriction, but we recommend a visit from the age of 6 years on. Children up to 14 years receive a 50% discount on the ticket price on all Sundays except New Year´s Evening. We also offer a child-friendly menu.

However, as a parent, you should decide whether your child can handle an evening program of over 3 hours. A ticket must be purchased for each child. We strongly advise against bringing infants. Also we have no possibility to keep baby carriages for you.

Can I smoke at PALAZZO?

Pure pleasure is the motto of PALAZZO, so all shows are non-smoking shows.

Do I have to leave the Spiegeltent immediately after the show ends?

Of course not. After the end of the show, you can continue to sit and enjoy the music in the evening and have a drink at the bar in the foyer.

How do I get home without a car?

After the end of the event, ask the service staff or the evening entertainment team to arrange a taxi for you.

Menu / Drinks

Can I order à la carte at the Spiegeltent?

No. A four-course dinner is served during the three hour show.

Information on the menu

I am vegetarian – Is there an alternative menu for me?

Our top chefs have created a meat and fish-free gourmet menu especially for our vegetarians. Please inform us about your vegetarian menu wish directly while booking your ticket.           

Information on our vegetarian menu

Can I combine the vegetarian and regular menus?

There is the possibility to exchange individual courses. Please inform us about your menu request directly at your booking, e.g. no fish or meat. In such cases, a fish or meat course is replaced against the vegetarian variant.

I have a dietary intolerance – can I still enjoy the PALAZZO menu?

Of course! Because every menu is freshly prepared on the evening of the event, we can react to food intolerances and prepare an individual menu. Just let us know what your food allergies are.

How can I order beverages?

You can order the drinks either on the spot à la carte or book one of our packages.

Information on the beverage arrangements

How do I pay for the beverages?

If you have not already booked one of our drinking arrangements in advance, order the drinks simply à la carte and pay them after the show with our service staff.

Which means of payment are accepted at the Spiegeltent?

DWe accept cash, debit (EC) or credit cards (VISA, Mastercard or American Express), as well as PALAZZO beverage coupons for the payment of your drinks.

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