The Spiegeltent

In the evening, when it darkens and hundreds of candles light up inside the tent, the PALAZZO mirror palaces unfold a very special charm. With their classic elegance and the glitter of countless lights in the polished mirrors, they spread a touch of nostalgia and provide a great atmosphere for cultural events and festive occasions. Equipped with noble materials such as brocade and silk, the imposing art nouveau interior of the tents make the visitor enter a world long past.

The history of the mirror palaces dates back to the last century, when the tents were mainly used as mobile dance pavilions and were rebuilt week after week in another city. The mirror palaces were very popular with the public, creating a classy and comfortable atmosphere at the same time. The many mirrors in the interior gave visitors a relatively unobstructed view to observe somebody else of interest, and the tents became a place of amusement where the extravagant nightlife could be duly celebrated.

After WWII, the mirror palaces were forgotten: The youth no longer danced to the sound of the dance organ, the first dance clubs opened their doors in the cities, and the mobile dance palaces were pushed out gradually by modern rides on the country's annual markets. It was above all music and theater festivals, which helped the mirror palaces to a real comeback from the middle of the 1970s onwards.

Although the mirror palaces are reproduced according to traditional design plans, the latest sound and lighting technology and a heating and climate system ensure an enjoyable show experience and stay. The center of the tent is reserved for the stage, which can be hydraulically raised and lowered, thus providing the best view from all sides. The seats for up to 370 guests are divided into three sections: the ring with round tables is located in the center of the tent. The circle surrounds the ring, while the cozy boxes are found in the outer tour. In the attractively designed foyers are cloakrooms and a bar, which invite you to linger with a drink before or after the show.

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