Harald Wohlfahrt

No less than three-star chef Harald Wohlfahrt has been creating the delicious four-course menu at the PALAZZO Stuttgart for eleven years.

Harald Wohlfahrt spent most of his childhood and youth on the farm of his grandparents. There he acquired a special sense for nature and its products at an early stage in life. To process and to refine what is given to us by nature was also his motivation to take up the profession as cook.


Have a look at our delicious new four-course menu created by Harald Wohlfahrt.

After completing his apprenticeship, Harald Wohlfahrt first went to the well-known restaurant "Stahlbad" in Baden-Baden and then came to the Hotel Traube Tonbach in 1976. In the following years, Harald Wohlfahrt perfected his skills with major chefs, including Alain Chapel in Myonnais.

In 1980 he took over the kitchen management of the gourmet restaurant Schwarzwaldstube in the Hotel Traube Tonbach and has been at the top of the German and European cooking elite for over 20 years. The list of his awards and prizes is long, ranging from a remarkable 19.5 points in the Gault&Millau to sensational three stars in the Michelin guide to the title "Best Chef of the Year".

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