Kolja Kleeberg & Hans-Peter Wodarz

Kolja Kleeberg has been running the VAU restaurant since 1997. In the first year, he was awarded a Michelin star – a status which has not changed after 15 years. Cooking is for Kleeberg, the Gault & Millau lists him currently with 17 points, comparable to his great hobby: music.

He describes the main elements of his cooking and his music to be harmony, but also tension. The notorious native “Rheinländer” is not only Chef de Cuisine at VAU, but also regularly on TV - for example, in the "Kocharena" (VOX) or the "Küchenschlacht" (ZDF).



Have a look at our delicious four-course menu of the latest season, created by Kolja Kleeberg.

The never-ending story of Hans-Peter Wodarz began in 1975 with the opening of his restaurant in Munich. "Die Ente im Lehel" (the duck in Lehel) rapidly evolved into a social meeting point, where artists, gourmets and personalities of all "couleur" met. The idea of ​​the vaudeville gastronomy and the concept of "Restaurant Theater" began there.

In the early 1990s, the visionary realized his dream: he went on tour with "Pomp Duck and Circumstance" and was awarded the "Five Star Diamond Award" three times. For his innovative gastronomic concepts in the capital, the jury of the "Berliner Meisterköche" and "Berlin Partner" chose him as the "Gastronomic Innovator 2010". In 2012, Wodarz was honored with the Hessian Order of Merit for 25 years of “charitable engagement".

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